Aabha Chaubal
Get to know me

Aabha Chaubal

Get to know me

I am a photographer, a German teacher, a travel junkie and that person in the audience that claps with her hands cupped to make the loudest, most thunderous clapping sound.

I have been fortunate enough to be a part of several beautiful weddings since 2012, in different parts of India and abroad, as an observer, friend, photographer, the hider of the groom’s shoes, and the only person who knows about all the planned surprises in the wedding.

I love being privy to these things. I love being a part of families, making them my own, and shooting the wedding in the capacity of a friend more than a photographer.

My team and I have a very inconspicuous presence in the weddings we shoot. You won’t notice us unless we want you to, but you’ll always find us whenever we are needed.

I look at weddings as a bunch of fun, happy, touching and intimate stories that are waiting to be documented. I must say, so far, even after having shot so many weddings, I have never had a single moment of boredom.

Aabha Chaubal
  • My journey

    ,,,Die Grenzen meiner Sprache sind die Grenzen meiner Welt“- Ludwig Wittgenstein

    (Translation: The limits of my language are the limits of my world)

    I have always been something of a nerd for languages. In school, I remember trying to frame my thoughts in all the languages I knew, just for fun  (and to show off a little). So as soon as I finished school I decided to *surprise surprise* learn a new language (to show off a little more).

    Before I knew it,  I was at Max Mueller Bhavan, absolutely thrilled to perceive everything around me through a whole new world of words and sounds. For a few years after that, I was even dreaming in German. (not kidding) I guess they’re right when they say, “you can never understand one language until you understand at least two”.

    Little did I know there was an entire world of nonverbal languages that I hadn’t explored yet. Up until this time, photography in my life was as existent as unicorns on rainbows or Captain von Trapp’s sense of humor! Only when I started writing for newspapers did I realize that I was looking for something more. Honestly, I don’t exactly remember when or why I started taking photos; I just remember instantly falling in love with photography and its amazing ability to reach people across the globe, irrespective of the language they speak or how educated they are. I loved its wide horizons that allow one to amaze, baffle, shock or sadden absolutely anyone who can see. And just like that I found my calling!

    Today, I alternate between teaching at Max Mueller Bhavan and shooting weddings, people, places, architecture, food, cultures and pretty much anything that fascinates me.

    So here I am – a candid wedding photographer and a German teacher who is constantly endeavoring to expand the limits of her world.