How I work


How I work

I start by getting to know you and your requirements. I insist on meeting in person or virtually, so that I can get to know you better –  how the two of you met, what you do for a living, what songs you listen to, what you do together in your free time… basically, what makes you tick. I try and understand your vision of your wedding – How you see it happening, what kind of visuals you are thinking of, anything specific ideas you have in mind, etc.

Then,  we come to other specifics. How many events do you have? What kind of coverage are you looking for? How many guests do you expect etc. (You’ll find similar questions in the form below).  Once you spell these details out for me, I will get back to you with a quote that caters to all your needs.

During this process if you need more information, you can check this link

If at any point you need me to hold your hand through it, just call me and we’ll do it together. 🙂


Call me at           +919881715326

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