FAQ- Frequently asked Questions

What is candid photography?

Candid photography is a photo journalistic documentation of your events. This is something I personally specialize in. When I shoot an event I focus on the natural moments that people share. I am a fly on the wall capturing all the emotions and the happenings around me that I later weave into a poetic visual narrative. My main area of focus is candid portraiture of the bride, groom and their close family members and friends.

What is traditional photography?

Traditional photography entails a systematic coverage of all the rituals, guests and happenings. It includes stage shots at a reception or a wedding, other miscellaneous group shots and family shots. This kind of coverage has its own importance because candid photography does not include the photos of all the guests. It also does not include group shots and family shots. A lot of young couples are reluctant of this service, because they associate it with having to make awkward poses for hours or general unpleasant interference during the ceremony. But let me assure you, that my team of traditional photographers is very kind, unobtrusive and cooperative. They are excellent at what they do, and without them, the wedding coverage is not complete.



Traditional photos by Amit Patwardhan

What is a candid wedding film?

A candid wedding film includes a wedding trailer of 4-6 minutes and a long wedding film of about 25-30 min. The film is shot with professional camera equipment and requires a team of 2-3 people. It is your wedding story knit into a beautiful short film with interviews of family members and some interesting clips from all your events. I love watching the films we make a few years after the wedding. They sort of make you dive into the whole wedding experience with all your senses just in a few minutes .

Video made in collaboration with Amit Batra 

What is traditional videography?

Traditional videography is a compilation of literally everything that happens at your events. It will, for example have all the dances at the Sangeet function or all the rituals from the wedding ceremony. This too has its own importance in the coverage, as the candid wedding film, does not cover everything from all the events. The final traditional video is a basic edit, with some music in the background, as it smoothly moves from one occurrence to the other. It is clean, complete and devoid of any form of gimmickry.


Do you select the pictures for us?

Yes! Absolutely. It is my job to give you a curated set of images from the thousands that me and my teammates click. Culling is a very important part of the entire process and it takes time and skill to do it efficiently. It is kind of lame to ask you to do it. When you see your pictures for the first time, they’ll be nicely curated and processed with our own sweat and blood! 😀 *so much drama*


Do you also give your RAW images?

No! A RAW image only half way there! I urge my clients to trust me with the processing and let me complete my vision for the photograph. Giving away unprocessed images would be like sending your child to someone without clothes. :/ No really!


Do you take assignments outside of Pune/ India?

Is the earth round?


Do you have a team?

Yes! I have a team of brilliant people that help me make my work exciting every single time. 🙂


How long does it take for you to deliver the images?

I normally need 4 weeks to complete a delivery. However I know how desperately one waits to see the wedding pictures, so I submit a preview of about 50 images within a week or so 🙂


How much do you charge?

It depends on the duration, scale and the nature of the event. Please fill out the form in the contact me tab and I will get back to you with a quotation asap.


Do you add your watermark to all your images?

I add my watermark to all the websized images I submit to you. I also give you full resolution images without my watermark.