Lavanya and Shirish

Met Aabha at a friends wedding and shirish instantly asked if Aabha can cover our wedding. We didn’t have a date then and were not sure if parents will give the nod! But the connection was instant. When we did have a date we had such little time that I had tell Aabha only if she covers our wedding will we get married!! What a vibrant person. We wanted her only and I was ok changing my wedding dates if required. It all did finally work.

Our wedding was a simple temple wedding but the way Aabha has covered it looks all so dreamy. Each frame is a page adding to our story of togetherness. When we told her we spend a lot of time away from each other and pictures keep us company she made it her own story. Haven’t stopped getting compliments still on how beautiful our wedding pictures are. We both can’t thank you enough Aabha for making the day so special for us by capturing each and every moment so beautifully! We are going to treasure them forever.


Aabhas photography caught my attention when someone posted their wedding photos on Facebook. I loved the photos so much, her name was etched in my head ever since.

When we decided to get married, my in laws were rigid about using their regular photographer. I however had Aabha and Vikram cover my wedding my way. The best thing about Aabha is being from a same generation she totally understood what I wanted and what I didn’t want. You wouldn’t even know she’s there and yet she would’ve captured all the important moments. I trusted her completely and it was the best decision I’ve made in regards to the wedding. Dealing with her was so smooth. The photos are amazing. Thanks Aabha


The first time that I saw a picture taken by Aabha, I knew I wanted her to cover my wedding. Now, this was back in April 2013 when I was about a couple of years away from even meeting my husband and about three and a half years away from getting married. But her pictures evoked a positive feeling about ‘marriage’ in me. I saw the feelings she captured through her lens and I knew I wanted to be just as happy as the people she portrayed.

So, who my wedding photographer was going to be was the first marriage related decision I made. My husband came in second there. But thankfully, he gets that. Since I have met him, the picture assigned to my contact in his phone is an old candid picture of mine taken by Aabha. He says ‘it is exactly who you are, Pooja. I started falling in love with you there.’ So, my husband didn’t need to be told, let alone be convinced about her. He knew what would make us happy, and he was on board.

Shefali and Akash

Working with Aabha for our wedding was a pleasant experience,

She and team did it with such ease and in the most non interfering way, makes one go like ‘hey when was this picture taken’

Just loved the output as well, wedding photography being out there now a days you really have an idea as to how you want your pictures to look,

Aabha not only made sure we got that but exceeded our expectations,

All the pictures and videos were aesthetically on point!

Anu and Bharat

“When we decided to have an Indian wedding in the US we were worried whether any photographer here would be able to capture the most delicate moments at the right times while keeping the photos as natural as possible and not posed in any way. We were so delighted that Aabha was able to be our wedding photographer because not only did she capture the right emotions and expressions of all our loved ones but also her amazing humor kept us feeling as relaxed as possible and that happiness was so reflected in our photos! Aabha kept our truest personalities alive in each photo and we are truly glad she was able to join us in California for celebrating our happiest occasions.”